John and Dava Lee Russell


     John and Dava Lee have been married for 49 years with two daughters, Dr. Ginger R. Christian and Dr. Donna R. Renfro.  During their years of marriage, they have worked together in many different churches.  John grew up in the Baptist Church and Dava Lee in the Presbyterian Church, both from Jonesborough, TN. However, after marrying in Honolulu, HI, where John was stationed in the US Navy, they moved to Titusville, FL, where he worked at the Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo Mission Program.  

      Dava Lee has been a teacher in public education until retirement in 2003 when the Lord called her to spread her wings in local community outreach.  They began Dava Lee Russell Ministries and opened their studies to the Tri-Cities area.  She has spoken in many different churches in Northeast Tennesse, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and reached out in the foreign mission field traveling to Piedras Negras, Mexico; David, Chiriqui, Panama; Chiapas, Mexico; and abroad as well. With a Masters Degree in Storytelling and Reading, she brings a great flare to her messages, using the gift of stories to enhance her lessons in the Word of God.  

     After John's retirement in 2005, he joined her in leading the local Bible Studies, area retreats, and local conferences.  He as well holds several degrees, but the driving force in his work has always been to build and create new ways of innovation in several different work environments.   During the past ten years they have served many different denominations during their outreaches.  They have witnessed lives being changed - either by receiving Christ as Savior or by relinguishing lives to the Lordship of Christ in daily experience.  God has been with them as they have stood on "Study to show thyself approved unto God."  II Timothy 2:15



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John and Dava Lee Russell

Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659



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