Outreaches in Upper East Tennessee




Community Bible Studies


Community Bible Studies are held bi-annually at the Jonesborough Visitors Center where people come from many different churches to study the Word of God with Dava Lee and her team.  She writes the studies that are taught incorporating her years of training as a teacher, her experience in instruction in churches to all ages, and her storytelling skills to enhance the subjects with real live examples of faith.


John B. Russell


Leadership Training Sessions


The Dava Lee Russell Outreach teach gathers once each year to share in a smaller setting for broader instuction to leadership and decision making as a team.  We are thankfull for each one who joins us in our Outreach effort in Upper East Tennessee. We are extremely grateful to Oasis Life Church, Johnson City, TN, for sending us forth as a part of their Outreach in this past year.  



DLR Outreach Team


Day Apart with God


Our team sponsors bi-annual Day Apart with God which is a day set aside for teaching, prayer, fellowship, and worship at the Jonesborough Visitors Center.  Many people would refer to these days as conferences, but Father gave us the name "Day Apart with God" in 2005 when we realized many folks will take a day off when they don't have a full weekend to spend away from family.


Speakers come from different churches and attendees are from every denomination one can imagine - truly The Body of the Lord Jesus Christ functioning together as one in worship, prayer, and drawing closer to the Father with great love.


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