Mission Outreach throughout the world: "in Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world."  Acts 1:8


John & Melissa Hanley

Missionaries to Jimaní, Dominican Republic


John and Melissa work with Chadasha's Children's Home in Jimaní, Dominican Republic, where children come who have no home or need an education.  Their two children, Kate and Maicol, work alongside them in their endeavor to love the children, educate the community, and offer a helping hand to many in need through hospital services as well as school for the area.


Doug and Jo Haag

Missionaries with Wycliff Bible Translators, Orlando, Florida


Jo and Doug work together with the headquarters for Wycliff Bible Translators.  After serving in the field in Papua, New Guinea for a period of time, they returned to the states to help train others to go onto the field as well as de-brief families returning from the field.  Doug has recently entered into fascinating work in which the dream is to have all languages around the world completely translated by 2025, including uploading the Bible into a sattelite port that would allow peoples of every tribe and tongue to have access to their own translations!  Way to go, Wycliff and way to go, Doug & Jo.  They have two daughters who have been involved their entire lives in mission work with Jo & Doug.  Who knows?  May be future missionaries there as well!




Children from Jimaní, Dominican Republic


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